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Elo Thermotherapy targets muscle stiffness and promotes mental relaxation with thermal treatments that soothe and revitalize

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Thermal stone treatments from Elo

Heat penetrates deep into tissues to soothe muscle tension and relax the mind

Melt through muscle stiffness
Stimulate muscle recovery
Promote deep mental relaxation

Stimulate natural recovery

Radiates deep into tissues, increasing bloodflow through vasodilation, supporting the body’s natural mechanism for recovery, pain relief and stress reduction

Benefits of thermal treatments

  • Increase range of motion

  • Speed muscle recovery

  • Soothe pain

  • Reduce fight-or-flight

Effective, natural treatments for pain and mental relaxation

Relieve muscle stiffness

Penetrate deep into muscles to help relieve muscle tension and pain


Promote mental relaxation

Surrender to thermal treatments that promote reduced stress, increase relaxation and profound calm


Two different densities for maximum customization

1x density

Elo Stone
High-density thermal treatment device engineered for optimal gliding

3x density

Elo Stone 3D
Ultra-high density thermal treatment device for grounding placements and larger muscles
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